IFFJ (Indians Fight For Justice), is an apolitical and non-profit group, comprising secular minded and dedicated legal and other professionals, from diverse fields.
Along with the stated laudable objectives, we at IFFJ (Indians Fight For Justice) wish to eventually avail the services of Sanjiv Bhatt and other such experienced and dedicated professionals to set up a countrywide legal help network that strives to selflessly secure justice for victims of any and all authoritarian repression.

SS Sayyed – President
Kshitij Yamini Shyam – General Secretary

Other members of the Managing Committee
Sanjiv Bhatt
Khalid Khan
Hubab Sayyed

Members of Advisory Committee
Fareed Siddique
Dr Junaid Khan
Fr Ceasar Baptista

Dr Ram Puniyani
Dr Kafeel Khan
Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi
Nasreen Shaikh
Humera Fatima
Dhruv Rathee
Himani Rawat